Become Bigfoot, lost in the deep forest. Trees and boulders block your path home. Advance to the next forest clearing by collecting magic orbs that activate the ancient portals. With each forest clearing, Bigfoot gets closer to home. But beware, the forest is full of investigators searching for the elusive Bigfoot with their flashlights. Your health diminishes each time Bigfoot's spotted by an investigator’s light. You can stay healthy by consuming berries and skunk cabbage, but this can slow down your journey home. Collect the cloaking gem to hide from investigators for a limited time. Play online or download the PICO-8 cartridge below to play locally and review my code. Enjoy!


  • LEFT ARROW = Move Left
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move Right
  • UP ARROW = Move Up
  • DOWN ARROW = Move Down
Download PICO-8 Cartridge


Lua PICO-8


  • updated portal sprite for clarity
  • readded gray-out on health bar
  • add 'skip' option in tutorial (press X)
  • increased speed of flashlights when roar is activated
  • food items don't get collected if at full health
  • refactored some code


  • improved collisions
  • help menu viewable during paused gameplay
  • updated buttons/keys for help menu exit
  • created level 4 tree clearing
  • add roar game mechanic to level 4
  • added screen shake and roar sfx
  • refactored code


  • replaced logs with orbs
  • added ancient portals
  • added pushable boulders
  • increased spawn frequency and speed of flashlights
  • updated health bar graphics
  • improved story screens
  • added tutorial during story screens
  • refactored code


  • improved log collisions
  • improved collectible collisions
  • improved flashlight collisions
  • replaced health hearts with bar
  • reduced health max
  • added story screens
  • refactored code


  • initial release
  • survey for play testing available