Push boxes out of your way to navigate through the warehouse mazes. But watch out! If you touch a forklift, you'll restart the level. Use hidden, moveable boxes to strategically block forklifts or quickly complete a level. There are currently three levels to complete with more mazes planned in future releases. Play online or download the PICO-8 cartridge below to play locally and review my code. (Note: My code's a bit messy in order to finish by the end of the Movement Jam. I hope to clean it up in the future.) Enjoy!


  • Move Left = LEFT ARROW
  • Move Right = RIGHT ARROW
  • Move Up = UP ARROW
  • Move Down = DOWN ARROW
  • Start/Restart Game = X
Download PICO-8 Cartridge



  • added SFX for restarting a level when hit by forklift
  • slight update to collisions


  • added box sprite with red label for easy play
  • added easy and hard difficulties


  • initial release for game jam