In this vertical-scrolling, space-shooter game, fly your spaceship through the cosmos and destroy as many alien fighter ships as possible. Move your ship using the left and right arrow keys on a keyboard. Fire missiles using the 'S' key. Select the game area and press 'X' to begin the game.


  • Move Left = LEFT ARROW
  • Move Right = RIGHT ARROW
  • Fire Missiles = S KEY'
  • Start/Restart Game = X


Sprite assets by Gustavo Vituri

NOTE: This game is still under development. Updated versions will be posted here as they become available.



  • updated color palette again
  • all sprites updated again
  • added animation to the player ship
  • randomized enemy ship sprites upon spawning
  • adjusted scrolling background stars
  • prepared code for additional animations


  • updated color palette and background
  • all sprites updated
  • added pixelated font
  • added 'score' and score calculation
  • added movement of stars in the background
  • improved delay of enemy ship spawning


  • added start screen
  • updated score loop
  • changed laser to S key instead of spacebar