Race through each level while collecting as many fish as you can. But hurry! An avalanche of snow is fast approaching! Don't let the avalanche topple over you. You must reach the ice hut at the end of each level with at least 10 fish before the avalanche reaches you. To help you, collecting a spinning orb in each level will give you the ability to slide across the snow!

NOTE: This game is still under active development. Current release includes Level 1.


  • Move Left = LEFT ARROW
  • Move Right = RIGHT ARROW
  • Jump = Z
  • Slide = X (if spinning orb collected)
  • Start Game = X
Download PICO-8 Cartridge



  • updated win screen
  • fixed win sfx
  • updated level 2 rendering and collisions
  • minor bug fixes


  • updated win screen
  • updated level screen
  • updated game initialization
  • adjusted penguin sprite colors
  • updated cartridge with game title
  • completed level 1
  • updated game goal
  • added sound effects


  • added credit
  • added instructions/help screen
  • created particle effect for sliding mechanic
  • enhanced icy ground aesthetic
  • improved collision with boundaries
  • began work on level passed screen
  • some code optimization and clean-up


  • updated jump mechanic and gravity
  • added spinning orbs and more fish
  • added 'game over' screen
  • enhanced loading of parallax stars
  • improved collisions with avalanche
  • added sliding sprite and controls
  • added platforms for level 1
  • reworked code for player controls
  • some code optimization and clean-up
  • slight enhancement to heart/life sprite


  • initial post (WIP)
  • still in development